This page contains a list of projects maintained by me. While I do manage and make updates to various other scripts published on this site, this list contains projects that are currently published in various repositories other than this site.

Nodejs -

Nodelint is a command line jslint tool to parse your javascript files for errors. It can recursivley loop through directorys to lint your entire project, and has a simple enough api to be added to the build process.
Node Slideshow
Node Slideshow is a web based presentational tool. It allows for multiple users to view a slideshow on their local browsers as the presenter flips through slides.


CSS Compressor (CSSC)
CSSC compresses stylesheets using W3C standards in combining properties into short hand notation, combining elements where possible, and a number of other small transformations to save every byte possible.
Object Oriented CSS (OOCSS)
Object Oriented CSS is a new style of writing CSS files in a parent-child relationship. File's are parsed once and cached to remove parsing overhead, while still speeding up development.

jQuery Plugins -

Auto Complete
Auto Complete creates a drop down box right below an input or textarea element which can provide user's with suggestions as to what they are searching for.
Single Level Drop Down Menu (single-ddm)
Single-ddm uses a series of show/hide functions to give the effect of a drop down menu on a specified layout.
Multi Level Drop Down Menu (multi-ddm)
Stemmed from the single-ddm project, multi-ddm takes multiple levels of lists allowing for sub-categories in your menu.
Inline Text Edit
Inline text edit turns a block of text into and editable form with a single click.
Simple Watermark
Simple Watermark is a lightweight(< 1k) plugin takes the title attribute and displays it as the value while the user is not focused on that particular element.