File: css-compressor-3.0beta.zip
Article: CSS Compressor
Released: December 19, 2010
Change Log:
- Configuration Modes
- pseduo-space, add space between pseduo selectors and comman/brace for ie6
- removing leading 0 of a decimal, 0.633px -> .633px
- handling all At Rules (charsets,media,imports,font-family,etc..)
- handling ms filter paths
- More css hacks support, including box-modal hack
- attr2selector, Convert id=blah and class=blah attributes to their selector counterparts
- strict-id, removes all selectors up to the last id
- add-unknown, adds unknown blocks to top of output in a comment
- Converted to subclass architecture, more modular.
- Using JSON based sandbox spec for focused unit tests.
- Helper conversion definitions(long2hex, hex2short) are now in JSON based files.