CSS Compressor Comparisons

January 3, 2011 | Download

This will be a fairly lengthy post as I describe how each compression is run, so you can jump directly to the modified table if you want. Or, if you would rather see only the comparison tables in all their glory, you can look at both the safe-comparison and full-comparison tables.

The comparison test uses 213 stylesheets from csszengarden.com's set. Below you will find an explanation on each compressor, but first, a little background.


CSSCompression was built to do well with the zengarden sheets. The other compressors may very well perform a higher rate of compression on a different set of stylesheets that I have yet to test against. With that said, and due to the fact that some compressors break your css files, I've created two comparison tables: Safe and Full.

The Safe Comparison Table contains the group of compressors I feel have the smallest probability of breaking stylesheets. While the compression isn't as great, you can generally feel 'safe' about having your complex stylesheets run through these.

The Full Comparison Table contains all available compressors, including each mode if they have them. I would advise that you only use full compression if your sheets are simple, and that you thoroughly test them before attempting to use in production.

Minify (2.1.3 & 2.1.4beta)

Minify is a PHP5 app that does javascript/css minification and concatenation. While it's primary focus is not on CSS, it still has a decent minifier, and was really easy to setup. It comes with a static processing function for quick minification.

require( "/path/to/minify-src/min/lib/Minify/CSS/Compressor.php" );

// Run benchmarks on every css file
$handle = opendir( 'src/' );
while( ( $file = readdir( $handle ) ) !== false ) {
	// Read in the file contents, compress it, and spit it right back out
	file_put_contents( "dist/" . $file . ".minify.css", 
			file_get_contents( "src/" . $file )

Icey Robson Compressor v0.12

Icey Compressor is a form based compressor, and wasn't really built to be used in any build process. It reads css through file uploads or the textarea box, and grabs options from the post data. I had to do a fair bit of modifications to this script so that it can be used in a looping matter. For option handling I configured two modes for icey: safe and small, by passing in true/false as the second argument to the main function.

It also does auto output of the compression, so I needed to remove all echo's from the script, and make sure it returned the compressed stylesheet. Here's a look at how the main compress_css function looks with the mods.

function compress_css( $cssfile, $small = false )
    // make these variables available locally
    global $file_selector;
    global $file_props;
    $file_selector = array();
    $file_props = array();
    // temporarily change semicolons in web links
    $cssfile = str_replace('://', '[!semi-colon!]//', $cssfile);
    // remove html and css comments
    // trim whitespace from the start and end
    $cssfile = trim($cssfile);
    // turn all rgb values into hex
    // shorten colours
    // remove any extra measurements that aren't needed
    // seperate into selectors and properties
    // change font weight text into numbers
    // check if any selectors are used twice and combine the properties
    if ($small)
    // remove any properties which are declared twice in one rule
    if ($small)
    // check if properties should be combined
    if ($small)
        // for each rule in the file
        for ($n = 0; $n < count($file_props); $n++)
            // attempt to combine the different parts
    // for each rule in the file
    for ($n = 0; $n < count($file_props); $n++)
        // run all the individual functions to reduce their size
        array_walk($file_props[$n], 'reduce_prop');
    // remove all the properties that were blanked out earlier
    // check if any rules are the same as other ones and remove the first ones
    if ($small)
    // one final run through to remove all unnecessary parts of the arrays
    $output = create_output();
    // turn back colons
    $output = str_replace('[!semi-colon!]//', '://', $output);
    $output = stripslashes($output);
    return $output;

Once the compressor was built in a manageable way, it's simple to run it against a list of files.

require( "/path/to/icey-compressor.php" );

// Run benchmarks on every css file
$handle = opendir( 'src/' );
while( ( $file = readdir( $handle ) ) !== false ) {
	// Get to original content
	$content = file_get_contents( "src/" . $file );

	// Compress in both safe and small modes, and spit out into dist files
	file_put_contents( "dist/" . $file . ".icey.css", compress_css( $content ) );
	file_put_contents( "dist/" . $file . ".icey-small.css", compress_css( $content, true ) );

YUI Compressor 2.4.2

YUI Compressor is a popular java based compressor that is known mainly for javascript minification, but it does css minification as well. Just whip together a little bash scripting, and this build is good to go.

for i in `ls src/*`
	if [[ $file == *.css ]]; then
		java -jar $yui "src/${file}" > "dist/${file}.yui.css"


cssminjs is a javascript port of the css minifier inside yui-compressor, written by Stoyan Stefanov. It's a very quick and easy regex based compressor that does a fair amount of unit compression without breaking a whole lot.

This one took a few more steps to setup, but with the help of NodeJS, and a slight exposure change to the minifier it self, it was rather simple.

var fs = require('fs'),
	sys = require('sys'),
	src = 'src/',
	dist = 'dist/',
	cssmin = require( '/path/to/cssminjs' );

// Get list of all test files
fs.readdir( src, function( e, files ) {
	// Pull in each test file, read it and compress it
	files.forEach(function( file ) {
		fs.readFile( src + file, 'UTF-8', function( e, data ) {
			// cssmin has no options, just send the css directly, and return compressed script
			var after = cssmin( data );
			fs.writeFile( dist + file + '.cssminjs.css', after, 'UTF-8', function( e ) {
				sys.puts( file + ' has been compressed and written' );


Ajaxmin is a javascript and css compressor by Microsoft. I wasn't able to look at it's source code, but from comparing the final output, it's pretty reliable. There are a few cases where it's obvious that it was built for IE browsers(Anything following syntax errors is removed). Anyway, gave up with the windows cmd, and just wrote a quick dirty PHP script for this test.

$handle = opendir( 'src/' );
while( ( $file = readdir( $handle ) ) !== false ) {
	exec( "AjaxMin.exe src/" . $file . " -out dist/" . $file . ".ajaxmin.css" );


CSSTidy is one of the more popular compressors, as it does it's fair share of analyzing for optimal compression. It does, however, have a habit of breaking stylesheets as it re-organizes scripts for combinations.

The only difference between vanilla instance and loading 'high_compression' template, is that the template version removes more whitespace. Compressions are still the same, so we only use one version of csstidy.

require( "/path/to/csstidy-src/class.csstidy.php" );
$instance = new csstidy();

// Run benchmarks on every css file
$handle = opendir( 'src/' );
while( ( $file = readdir( $handle ) ) !== false ) {
	// Get the base file
	$css = file_get_contents( "src/" . $file );

	// Store highly compressed format
	$instance->parse( $css );
	file_put_contents( "dist/ " . $file . ".csstidy-small.css", $instance->print->plain() );


Here's where the bias comes into play: CSSCompression is a deeply thorough compressor that analyzes your stylesheet for many kinds of combinations and compressions, while trying not to break anything. The concept of modes for these comparison tables came from this compressor's various modes of compression. Here's how we build this test.

require( '/path/to/css-compressor-src/src/CSSCompression.php' );

// Create the basice mode instances
$instances = array();
$modes = CSSCompression::modes();
foreach( $modes as $mode => $config ) {
	$instances[ $mode ] = new CSSCompression( $mode );
	$instances[ $mode ]->option( 'readability', CSSCompression::READ_NONE );
	// To have a fair comparison, we must remove the comment section of an unknown
	// block inside zengarden file no. 177
	$instances[ $mode ]->option( 'add-unknown', false );

// Run benchmarks on every css file
$handle = opendir( 'src/' );
while( ( $file = readdir( $handle ) ) !== false ) {
	// Read in the file contents, compress it, and spit it right back out
	$css = file_get_contents( "src/" . $file );
	foreach ( $instances as $mode => $instance ) {
		file_put_contents( "dist/" . $file . ".CSSCompression-" . $mode . ".css", $instance->compress( $css ) );


After all compressions are done, we can gzip all css files to compare. We use gzip level 1 compression, as it's the fastest, and what most servers use on the fly. A few bash lines later, gzip compression is complete.

cd dist/
for i in *.css
	gzip -1 -vcn $i > ${i/%css/gz}


There are a few cases where, in order to do safe compression, and not break the developers stylesheet, I had to concede defeat. Below are the reasons for each.

  • 1 : Icey assumes that the first property 'normal' refers to font-weight, when it could refer up to 3 different properties
  • 3 : zengarden 126 does a lot of hacky comment work that icey-small just can't handle, and removes full rule sets. I do need to note that CSSCompression removes the declarations between the comments
  • 5 : Box-modal hack breaks in Icey compression, causing loss of rule sets
  • 6 : In IE6, :first-letter and :first-line pseudo selectors need a space before the opening brace of the rule set or they break.
  • 7 : zengarden 059 adds a colon inside a content section, which causes icey to cough it up and wrap the next rule set in quotes.
  • 8 : Content hack causes confusion in icey, and breaks the rule set.
  • 9 : zengarden 177 contains an invalid rule set without a selector. Ajaxmin simply ignores everything from that point to the end of the script
  • 10 : zengarden 177 contains an invalid rule set without a selector. Icey continues to run compressions on it, while CSSCompression just ignores it.
  • 11 : zengarden 197 contains an invalid string of dashes('-') in the middle of the stylesheet. Ajaxmin just ignores from that point to the end.

Comparison Table

Below is a condensed version of the safe comparison table so that it will fit on this page. These are the top known compressors, and you can look at the full list in the full comparison table

File No.Icey RobsoncssminjsAjaxMin 4.0CSSCompression 3.0 Safe
csszengarden-001.css2639B (54.62%)2650B (54.84%)2653B (54.90%)2633B (54.49%)
gzip952B (19.70%)951B (19.68%)953B (19.72%)944B (19.54%)
csszengarden-002.css2627B (50.11%)2651B (50.57%)2651B (50.57%)2624B (50.06%)
gzip954B (18.20%)949B (18.10%)949B (18.10%)942B (17.97%)
csszengarden-003.css2717B (54.73%)2734B (55.08%)2733B (55.06%)2712B (54.63%)
gzip1066B (21.47%)1063B (21.41%)1061B (21.37%)1051B (21.17%)
csszengarden-004.css2369B (61.47%)2370B (61.49%)2370B (61.49%)2359B (61.21%)
gzip798B (20.71%)794B (20.60%)794B (20.60%)788B (20.45%)
csszengarden-005.css2661B (57.25%)2652B (57.06%)2655B (57.12%)2642B (56.84%)
gzip947B (20.37%)941B (20.25%)943B (20.29%)938B (20.18%)
csszengarden-006.css2686B (62.19%)2689B (62.26%)2688B (62.24%)2680B (62.05%)
gzip893B (20.68%)891B (20.63%)891B (20.63%)889B (20.58%)
csszengarden-007.css3690B (68.18%)3694B (68.26%)3690B (68.18%)3684B (68.07%)
gzip1099B (20.31%)1101B (20.34%)1093B (20.20%)1089B (20.12%)
csszengarden-008.css1260B (58.80%)1260B (58.80%)1260B (58.80%)1258B (58.70%)
gzip564B (26.32%)565B (26.36%)565B (26.36%)563B (26.27%)
csszengarden-009.css3492B (63.20%)3490B (63.17%)3490B (63.17%)3486B (63.10%)
gzip1050B (19.00%)1043B (18.88%)1043B (18.88%)1046B (18.93%)
csszengarden-010.css2270B (54.73%)2301B (55.47%)2307B (55.62%)2262B (54.53%)
gzip926B (22.32%)927B (22.35%)928B (22.37%)917B (22.11%)
csszengarden-011.css3547B (58.91%)3540B (58.79%)3536B (58.73%)3528B (58.59%)
gzip1100B (18.27%)1101B (18.29%)1101B (18.29%)1098B (18.24%)
csszengarden-012.css4907B (53.05%)4914B (53.12%)4917B (53.16%)4901B (52.98%)
gzip1623B (17.55%)1625B (17.57%)1626B (17.58%)1625B (17.57%)
csszengarden-013.css3746B (64.08%)3731B (63.82%)3734B (63.87%)3729B (63.79%)
gzip1145B (19.59%)1141B (19.52%)1146B (19.60%)1139B (19.48%)
csszengarden-014.css4360B (72.55%)4355B (72.46%)4358B (72.51%)4352B (72.41%)
gzip1219B (20.28%)1208B (20.10%)1209B (20.12%)1206B (20.07%)
csszengarden-015.css3913B (61.75%)3918B (61.83%)3936B (62.11%)3895B (61.46%)
gzip1204B (19.00%)1208B (19.06%)1218B (19.22%)1204B (19.00%)
csszengarden-016.css4980B (71.82%)4978B (71.79%)4978B (71.79%)4975B (71.75%)
gzip1322B (19.07%)1316B (18.98%)1316B (18.98%)1319B (19.02%)
csszengarden-017.css3257B (65.61%)3266B (65.79%)3266B (65.79%)3227B (65.01%)
gzip1190B (23.97%)1186B (23.89%)1186B (23.89%)1181B (23.79%)
csszengarden-018.css2511B (62.78%)2521B (63.03%)2519B (62.98%)2484B (62.10%)
gzip919B (22.98%)914B (22.85%)910B (22.75%)905B (22.63%)
csszengarden-019.css3375B (64.10%)3376B (64.12%)3406B (64.69%)3374B (64.08%)
gzip957B (18.18%)949B (18.02%)972B (18.46%)948B (18.01%)
csszengarden-020.css5630B (77.53%)5668B (78.05%)5668B (78.05%)5611B (77.27%)
gzip1617B (22.27%)1617B (22.27%)1610B (22.17%)1601B (22.05%)
csszengarden-021.css5590B (78.53%)5602B (78.70%)5602B (78.70%)5577B (78.35%)
gzip1493B (20.97%)1487B (20.89%)1487B (20.89%)1483B (20.83%)
csszengarden-022.css5085B (70.28%)5065B (70.01%)5065B (70.01%)5061B (69.95%)
gzip1274B (17.61%)1272B (17.58%)1272B (17.58%)1271B (17.57%)
csszengarden-023.css3648B (70.26%)3648B (70.26%)3648B (70.26%)3644B (70.18%)
gzip1154B (22.23%)1150B (22.15%)1145B (22.05%)1142B (22.00%)
csszengarden-024.css3039B (66.98%)3056B (67.36%)3062B (67.49%)3036B (66.92%)
gzip1002B (22.09%)1014B (22.35%)1016B (22.39%)1000B (22.04%)
csszengarden-025.css7015B (70.11%)7025B (70.21%)7031B (70.27%)6998B (69.94%)
gzip1876B (18.75%)1867B (18.66%)1870B (18.69%)1862B (18.61%)
csszengarden-026.css2861B (67.38%)2863B (67.43%)2863B (67.43%)2858B (67.31%)
gzip890B (20.96%)887B (20.89%)887B (20.89%)890B (20.96%)
csszengarden-027.css2646B (47.05%)2651B (47.14%)2651B (47.14%)2637B (46.89%)
gzip1016B (18.07%)1006B (17.89%)1006B (17.89%)1013B (18.01%)
csszengarden-028.css3539B (59.85%)3557B (60.16%)3563B (60.26%)3539B (59.85%)
gzip1017B (17.20%)1024B (17.32%)1021B (17.27%)1019B (17.23%)
csszengarden-029.css3972B (76.14%)3980B (76.29%)3980B (76.29%)3966B (76.02%)
gzip1206B (23.12%)1218B (23.35%)1218B (23.35%)1208B (23.16%)
csszengarden-030.css2419B (63.49%)6,82425B (63.65%)2423B (63.60%)2421B (63.54%)
gzip897B (23.54%)896B (23.52%)896B (23.52%)897B (23.54%)
csszengarden-031.css2544B (57.19%)2556B (57.46%)2556B (57.46%)2522B (56.70%)
gzip958B (21.54%)967B (21.74%)965B (21.70%)951B (21.38%)
csszengarden-032.css3984B (75.99%)3991B (76.12%)3984B (75.99%)3965B (75.62%)
gzip1090B (20.79%)1094B (20.87%)1087B (20.73%)1080B (20.60%)
csszengarden-033.css4429B (72.71%)4442B (72.93%)4494B (73.78%)4421B (72.58%)
gzip1460B (23.97%)1468B (24.10%)1475B (24.22%)1464B (24.04%)
csszengarden-034.css4885B (77.31%)4913B (77.75%)4916B (77.80%)4879B (77.21%)
gzip1230B (19.47%)1239B (19.61%)1244B (19.69%)1226B (19.40%)
csszengarden-035.css6657B (61.20%)6718B (61.76%)6718B (61.76%)6655B (61.18%)
gzip1809B (16.63%)1815B (16.69%)1815B (16.69%)1808B (16.62%)
csszengarden-036.css4211B (59.17%)4229B (59.42%)4229B (59.42%)4203B (59.06%)
gzip1278B (17.96%)1280B (17.99%)1280B (17.99%)1274B (17.90%)
csszengarden-037.css4628B (59.81%)4624B (59.76%)4627B (59.80%)4623B (59.74%)
gzip1320B (17.06%)1312B (16.96%)1311B (16.94%)1311B (16.94%)
csszengarden-038.css2158B (62.39%)2173B (62.82%)2173B (62.82%)2155B (62.30%)
gzip719B (20.79%)714B (20.64%)710B (20.53%)707B (20.44%)
csszengarden-039.css3813B (55.38%)3821B (55.50%)3836B (55.72%)3804B (55.25%)
gzip1201B (17.44%)1197B (17.39%)1201B (17.44%)1192B (17.31%)
csszengarden-040.css4576B (67.57%)4580B (67.63%)4580B (67.63%)4571B (67.50%)
gzip1238B (18.28%)1238B (18.28%)1238B (18.28%)1233B (18.21%)
csszengarden-041.css1981B (45.04%)2000B (45.48%)2002B (45.52%)1978B (44.97%)
gzip786B (17.87%)796B (18.10%)795B (18.08%)788B (17.92%)
csszengarden-042.css5199B (35.95%)5211B (36.04%)5245B (36.27%)5133B (35.50%)
gzip1619B (11.20%)1627B (11.25%)1631B (11.28%)1610B (11.13%)
csszengarden-043.css6901B (64.12%)6929B (64.38%)6929B (64.38%)6893B (64.05%)
gzip1749B (16.25%)1743B (16.20%)1743B (16.20%)1739B (16.16%)
csszengarden-044.css4914B (65.70%)4953B (66.23%)4916B (65.73%)4908B (65.62%)
gzip1455B (19.45%)1448B (19.36%)1433B (19.16%)1434B (19.17%)
csszengarden-045.css2938B (65.73%)2930B (65.55%)2933B (65.62%)2927B (65.48%)
gzip903B (20.20%)903B (20.20%)904B (20.22%)900B (20.13%)
csszengarden-046.css2465B (55.82%)2480B (56.16%)2480B (56.16%)2462B (55.75%)
gzip867B (19.63%)873B (19.77%)873B (19.77%)865B (19.59%)
csszengarden-047.css1988B (57.34%)1992B (57.46%)1992B (57.46%)1986B (57.28%)
gzip827B (23.85%)831B (23.97%)831B (23.97%)826B (23.82%)
csszengarden-048.css3295B (71.63%)3339B (72.59%)3344B (72.70%)3262B (70.91%)
gzip1165B (25.33%)1166B (25.35%)1171B (25.46%)1156B (25.13%)
csszengarden-049.css3906B (62.83%)3898B (62.70%)3901B (62.75%)3891B (62.59%)
gzip1091B (17.55%)1088B (17.50%)1091B (17.55%)1084B (17.44%)
csszengarden-050.css6770B (79.61%)6800B (79.96%)6799B (79.95%)6764B (79.54%)
gzip1754B (20.63%)1754B (20.63%)1756B (20.65%)1752B (20.60%)
csszengarden-051.css5735B (64.33%)5783B (64.87%)5837B (65.47%)5677B (63.68%)
gzip1234B (13.84%)1228B (13.77%)1244B (13.95%)1216B (13.64%)
csszengarden-052.css6204B (66.62%)6234B (66.95%)6232B (66.92%)6155B (66.10%)
gzip1690B (18.15%)1666B (17.89%)1679B (18.03%)1650B (17.72%)
csszengarden-053.css4377B (74.41%)4416B (75.08%)4416B (75.08%)4375B (74.38%)
gzip1194B (20.30%)1194B (20.30%)1194B (20.30%)1190B (20.23%)
csszengarden-054.css5612B (72.80%)5604B (72.69%)5604B (72.69%)5585B (72.45%)
gzip1564B (20.29%)1565B (20.30%)1565B (20.30%)1538B (19.95%)
csszengarden-055.css2957B (60.47%)2983B (61.00%)2983B (61.00%)2952B (60.37%)
gzip1014B (20.74%)1023B (20.92%)1023B (20.92%)1014B (20.74%)
csszengarden-056.css3601B (75.49%)3630B (76.10%)3636B (76.23%)3597B (75.41%)
gzip1112B (23.31%)1127B (23.63%)1130B (23.69%)1113B (23.33%)
csszengarden-057.css9492B (78.69%)10382B (86.06%)9505B (78.79%)9397B (77.90%)
gzip2498B (20.71%)2809B (23.29%)2526B (20.94%)2511B (20.82%)
csszengarden-058.css6068B (69.58%)6070B (69.60%)6073B (69.64%)6050B (69.37%)
gzip1505B (17.26%)1503B (17.23%)1503B (17.23%)1493B (17.12%)
csszengarden-059.css4829B (72.51%)1,5,74879B (73.26%)4888B (73.39%)4842B (72.70%)
gzip1425B (21.40%)1429B (21.46%)1432B (21.50%)1418B (21.29%)
csszengarden-060.css2825B (60.22%)2823B (60.18%)2843B (60.61%)2815B (60.01%)
gzip1002B (21.36%)990B (21.10%)1000B (21.32%)990B (21.10%)
csszengarden-061.css2815B (65.48%)2813B (65.43%)2813B (65.43%)2813B (65.43%)
gzip912B (21.21%)910B (21.17%)910B (21.17%)910B (21.17%)
csszengarden-062.css11352B (75.05%)11437B (75.62%)11506B (76.07%)11330B (74.91%)
gzip2366B (15.64%)2402B (15.88%)2427B (16.05%)2362B (15.62%)
csszengarden-063.css4200B (62.21%)4213B (62.41%)4213B (62.41%)4190B (62.06%)
gzip1371B (20.31%)1383B (20.49%)1383B (20.49%)1372B (20.32%)
csszengarden-064.css4043B (71.81%)4038B (71.72%)4041B (71.78%)4034B (71.65%)
gzip1365B (24.25%)1349B (23.96%)1348B (23.94%)1352B (24.01%)
csszengarden-065.css4081B (72.49%)4104B (72.90%)4110B (73.00%)4031B (71.60%)
gzip1362B (24.19%)1359B (24.14%)1357B (24.10%)1349B (23.96%)
csszengarden-066.css3412B (66.36%)3418B (66.47%)3418B (66.47%)3410B (66.32%)
gzip1011B (19.66%)1010B (19.64%)1010B (19.64%)1011B (19.66%)
csszengarden-067.css3425B (70.49%)3439B (70.78%)3439B (70.78%)3411B (70.20%)
gzip1128B (23.21%)1128B (23.21%)1128B (23.21%)1114B (22.93%)
csszengarden-068.css4206B (44.25%)4220B (44.39%)4220B (44.39%)4203B (44.21%)
gzip1341B (14.11%)1338B (14.08%)1332B (14.01%)1334B (14.03%)
csszengarden-069.css3381B (72.21%)3374B (72.06%)3374B (72.06%)3357B (71.70%)
gzip1142B (24.39%)1133B (24.20%)1133B (24.20%)1131B (24.16%)
csszengarden-070.css3615B (68.21%)3621B (68.32%)3623B (68.36%)3608B (68.08%)
gzip1155B (21.79%)1152B (21.74%)1157B (21.83%)1154B (21.77%)
csszengarden-071.css2896B (68.99%)2898B (69.03%)2898B (69.03%)2893B (68.91%)
gzip962B (22.92%)963B (22.94%)963B (22.94%)961B (22.89%)
csszengarden-072.css3647B (72.52%)3666B (72.90%)3664B (72.86%)3637B (72.32%)
gzip1228B (24.42%)1236B (24.58%)1232B (24.50%)1226B (24.38%)
csszengarden-073.css2476B (72.63%)2480B (72.75%)2480B (72.75%)2474B (72.57%)
gzip898B (26.34%)895B (26.25%)895B (26.25%)891B (26.14%)
csszengarden-074.css3717B (63.27%)3817B (64.97%)3859B (65.69%)3706B (63.08%)
gzip957B (16.29%)970B (16.51%)981B (16.70%)948B (16.14%)
csszengarden-075.css3745B (53.84%)3748B (53.88%)3754B (53.97%)3745B (53.84%)
gzip1188B (17.08%)1182B (16.99%)1184B (17.02%)1180B (16.96%)
csszengarden-076.css4277B (70.53%)4295B (70.83%)4295B (70.83%)4275B (70.50%)
gzip1203B (19.84%)1212B (19.99%)1212B (19.99%)1201B (19.81%)
csszengarden-077.css4443B (71.03%)4410B (70.50%)4417B (70.62%)4393B (70.23%)
gzip1215B (19.42%)1204B (19.25%)1193B (19.07%)1204B (19.25%)
csszengarden-078.css3951B (63.63%)1,53960B (63.78%)3960B (63.78%)3954B (63.68%)
gzip1013B (16.32%)1020B (16.43%)1020B (16.43%)1018B (16.40%)
csszengarden-079.css1380B (65.13%)1380B (65.13%)1381B (65.17%)1377B (64.98%)
gzip645B (30.44%)645B (30.44%)647B (30.53%)641B (30.25%)
csszengarden-080.css3533B (70.20%)3548B (70.49%)3560B (70.73%)3528B (70.10%)
gzip1031B (20.48%)1037B (20.60%)1038B (20.62%)1030B (20.46%)
csszengarden-081.css6090B (70.32%)6091B (70.33%)6109B (70.53%)6071B (70.10%)
gzip1431B (16.52%)1420B (16.40%)1423B (16.43%)1417B (16.36%)
csszengarden-082.css3376B (62.65%)3370B (62.53%)3370B (62.53%)3366B (62.46%)
gzip1188B (22.04%)1189B (22.06%)1190B (22.08%)1183B (21.95%)
csszengarden-083.css4198B (69.45%)4200B (69.48%)4199B (69.46%)4193B (69.36%)
gzip1255B (20.76%)1239B (20.50%)1239B (20.50%)1241B (20.53%)
csszengarden-084.css3454B (71.00%)3453B (70.98%)3453B (70.98%)3450B (70.91%)
gzip989B (20.33%)985B (20.25%)985B (20.25%)985B (20.25%)
csszengarden-085.css3042B (68.61%)3065B (69.12%)3068B (69.19%)3030B (68.34%)
gzip1034B (23.32%)1026B (23.14%)1026B (23.14%)1021B (23.03%)
csszengarden-086.css2794B (39.87%)2806B (40.05%)2806B (40.05%)2794B (39.87%)
gzip1008B (14.39%)1007B (14.37%)1002B (14.30%)997B (14.23%)
csszengarden-087.css3127B (42.13%)3157B (42.54%)3157B (42.54%)3127B (42.13%)
gzip1053B (14.19%)1065B (14.35%)1060B (14.28%)1047B (14.11%)
csszengarden-088.css7716B (55.37%)7685B (55.14%)7697B (55.23%)7667B (55.02%)
gzip1898B (13.62%)1881B (13.50%)1885B (13.53%)1885B (13.53%)
csszengarden-089.css3593B (75.39%)3609B (75.72%)3609B (75.72%)3591B (75.35%)
gzip1140B (23.92%)1137B (23.86%)1137B (23.86%)1135B (23.81%)
csszengarden-090.css4052B (67.69%)4104B (68.56%)4098B (68.46%)4050B (67.66%)
gzip1346B (22.49%)1354B (22.62%)1348B (22.52%)1338B (22.35%)
csszengarden-091.css2448B (65.49%)2446B (65.44%)2449B (65.52%)2446B (65.44%)
gzip947B (25.33%)946B (25.31%)941B (25.17%)939B (25.12%)
csszengarden-092.css2769B (65.21%)2770B (65.24%)2818B (66.37%)2762B (65.05%)
gzip1078B (25.39%)1074B (25.29%)1078B (25.39%)1066B (25.11%)
csszengarden-093.css3356B (64.93%)3376B (65.31%)3399B (65.76%)3348B (64.77%)
gzip1080B (20.89%)1075B (20.80%)1089B (21.07%)1067B (20.64%)
csszengarden-094.css4419B (67.06%)4424B (67.13%)4437B (67.33%)4418B (67.04%)
gzip1155B (17.53%)1147B (17.41%)1152B (17.48%)1147B (17.41%)
csszengarden-095.css2683B (69.13%)2672B (68.85%)2672B (68.85%)2666B (68.69%)
gzip1042B (26.85%)1038B (26.75%)1038B (26.75%)1036B (26.69%)
csszengarden-096.css5448B (70.58%)5451B (70.62%)5451B (70.62%)5446B (70.55%)
gzip1060B (13.73%)1066B (13.81%)1066B (13.81%)1061B (13.75%)
csszengarden-097.css4507B (71.69%)4503B (71.62%)4501B (71.59%)4489B (71.40%)
gzip1336B (21.25%)1336B (21.25%)1330B (21.15%)1325B (21.08%)
csszengarden-098.css2404B (62.01%)2406B (62.06%)2406B (62.06%)2402B (61.96%)
gzip854B (22.03%)852B (21.98%)852B (21.98%)849B (21.90%)
csszengarden-099.css6358B (64.55%)6263B (63.59%)6291B (63.87%)6244B (63.40%)
gzip2028B (20.59%)2007B (20.38%)2012B (20.43%)1997B (20.28%)
csszengarden-100.css2822B (68.16%)2823B (68.19%)2817B (68.04%)2811B (67.90%)
gzip1119B (27.03%)1129B (27.27%)1115B (26.93%)1117B (26.98%)
csszengarden-101.css4249B (68.29%)4269B (68.61%)4264B (68.53%)4249B (68.29%)
gzip1090B (17.52%)1098B (17.65%)1112B (17.87%)1087B (17.47%)
csszengarden-102.css3359B (72.00%)3341B (71.62%)3347B (71.75%)3326B (71.30%)
gzip1190B (25.51%)1188B (25.47%)1191B (25.53%)1186B (25.42%)
csszengarden-103.css4921B (74.39%)4916B (74.32%)4915B (74.30%)4911B (74.24%)
gzip1568B (23.70%)1555B (23.51%)1553B (23.48%)1551B (23.45%)
csszengarden-104.css2669B (71.44%)2690B (72.00%)2690B (72.00%)2669B (71.44%)
gzip885B (23.69%)897B (24.01%)897B (24.01%)885B (23.69%)
csszengarden-105.css3028B (71.63%)3033B (71.75%)3040B (71.92%)3014B (71.30%)
gzip1007B (23.82%)1008B (23.85%)1018B (24.08%)1005B (23.78%)
csszengarden-106.css2397B (49.23%)2402B (49.33%)2402B (49.33%)2391B (49.11%)
gzip853B (17.52%)851B (17.48%)849B (17.44%)844B (17.33%)
csszengarden-107.css2790B (62.50%)2784B (62.37%)2886B (64.65%)2766B (61.96%)
gzip770B (17.25%)767B (17.18%)843B (18.88%)764B (17.11%)
csszengarden-109.css3580B (73.66%)3581B (73.68%)3584B (73.74%)3569B (73.44%)
gzip1177B (24.22%)1176B (24.20%)1171B (24.09%)1166B (23.99%)
csszengarden-110.css3104B (62.37%)3105B (62.39%)3106B (62.41%)3080B (61.88%)
gzip1089B (21.88%)1090B (21.90%)1087B (21.84%)1085B (21.80%)
csszengarden-111.css4761B (73.16%)4792B (73.63%)4800B (73.76%)4719B (72.51%)
gzip1361B (20.91%)1356B (20.84%)1356B (20.84%)1339B (20.57%)
csszengarden-112.css3295B (67.55%)3305B (67.75%)3305B (67.75%)3287B (67.38%)
gzip1033B (21.18%)1034B (21.20%)1034B (21.20%)1026B (21.03%)
csszengarden-113.css3009B (63.90%)3008B (63.88%)3008B (63.88%)3008B (63.88%)
gzip915B (19.43%)910B (19.32%)910B (19.32%)910B (19.32%)
csszengarden-114.css2936B (67.39%)2956B (67.84%)2952B (67.75%)2926B (67.16%)
gzip1037B (23.80%)1036B (23.78%)1031B (23.66%)1020B (23.41%)
csszengarden-115.css5761B (70.31%)5773B (70.45%)5818B (71.00%)5757B (70.26%)
gzip1484B (18.11%)1484B (18.11%)1493B (18.22%)1482B (18.09%)
csszengarden-116.css2904B (65.76%)2923B (66.19%)2923B (66.19%)2873B (65.06%)
gzip1046B (23.69%)1042B (23.60%)1042B (23.60%)1033B (23.39%)
csszengarden-117.css4422B (63.54%)4451B (63.96%)4451B (63.96%)4420B (63.51%)
gzip1217B (17.49%)1232B (17.70%)1232B (17.70%)1213B (17.43%)
csszengarden-118.css4931B (62.47%)5012B (63.50%)5096B (64.56%)4887B (61.92%)
gzip1360B (17.23%)1376B (17.43%)1383B (17.52%)1358B (17.21%)
csszengarden-119.css4204B (70.98%)4205B (70.99%)4217B (71.20%)4197B (70.86%)
gzip1422B (24.01%)1422B (24.01%)1427B (24.09%)1418B (23.94%)
csszengarden-120.css2639B (55.26%)2648B (55.44%)2656B (55.61%)2634B (55.15%)
gzip920B (19.26%)922B (19.30%)927B (19.41%)914B (19.14%)
csszengarden-121.css2131B (50.64%)2133B (50.69%)2139B (50.83%)2125B (50.50%)
gzip853B (20.27%)846B (20.10%)845B (20.08%)846B (20.10%)
csszengarden-122.css4180B (52.72%)4240B (53.47%)4220B (53.22%)4169B (52.58%)
gzip1422B (17.93%)1434B (18.09%)1418B (17.88%)1405B (17.72%)
csszengarden-123.css4311B (71.17%)4307B (71.11%)4310B (71.16%)4299B (70.98%)
gzip1374B (22.68%)1376B (22.72%)1370B (22.62%)1369B (22.60%)
csszengarden-124.css3503B (66.29%)3533B (66.86%)3539B (66.98%)3493B (66.11%)
gzip1112B (21.04%)1102B (20.86%)1104B (20.89%)1102B (20.86%)
csszengarden-125.css2936B (69.95%)2941B (70.07%)2939B (70.03%)2920B (69.57%)
gzip1099B (26.19%)1103B (26.28%)1104B (26.30%)1098B (26.16%)
csszengarden-126.css3113B (65.86%)3132B (66.26%)3109B (65.77%)3108B (65.75%)3
gzip1126B (23.82%)1144B (24.20%)1128B (23.86%)1128B (23.86%)
csszengarden-127.css3752B (68.44%)3739B (68.21%)3739B (68.21%)3701B (67.51%)
gzip1240B (22.62%)1222B (22.29%)1222B (22.29%)1219B (22.24%)
csszengarden-128.css2859B (59.85%)2856B (59.79%)2859B (59.85%)2849B (59.64%)
gzip1043B (21.83%)1042B (21.81%)1043B (21.83%)1040B (21.77%)
csszengarden-130.css3650B (71.36%)3650B (71.36%)3674B (71.83%)3644B (71.24%)
gzip1123B (21.96%)1120B (21.90%)1128B (22.05%)1119B (21.88%)
csszengarden-131.css3525B (72.14%)3537B (72.39%)3543B (72.51%)3511B (71.86%)
gzip1154B (23.62%)1153B (23.60%)1155B (23.64%)1144B (23.41%)
csszengarden-132.css2682B (67.97%)1,52688B (68.12%)2688B (68.12%)2687B (68.09%)
gzip864B (21.90%)858B (21.74%)858B (21.74%)860B (21.79%)
csszengarden-133.css3499B (73.52%)3499B (73.52%)3499B (73.52%)3494B (73.42%)
gzip1218B (25.59%)1207B (25.36%)1205B (25.32%)1208B (25.38%)
csszengarden-134.css3922B (80.25%)1,73945B (80.72%)3945B (80.72%)3924B (80.29%)
gzip1382B (28.28%)1386B (28.36%)1386B (28.36%)1380B (28.24%)
csszengarden-135.css3511B (69.93%)3512B (69.95%)3524B (70.19%)3482B (69.35%)
gzip1235B (24.60%)1240B (24.70%)1232B (24.54%)1229B (24.48%)
csszengarden-136.css2872B (63.88%)2903B (64.57%)2903B (64.57%)2872B (63.88%)
gzip882B (19.62%)895B (19.91%)895B (19.91%)882B (19.62%)
csszengarden-137.css4076B (65.38%)4097B (65.72%)4102B (65.80%)4066B (65.22%)
gzip1115B (17.89%)1120B (17.97%)1122B (18.00%)1105B (17.73%)
csszengarden-138.css4490B (76.86%)4494B (76.93%)4494B (76.93%)4408B (75.45%)
gzip980B (16.78%)985B (16.86%)985B (16.86%)971B (16.62%)
csszengarden-139.css2503B (70.39%)2498B (70.25%)2501B (70.33%)2498B (70.25%)
gzip716B (20.13%)710B (19.97%)711B (19.99%)710B (19.97%)
csszengarden-140.css3937B (78.35%)3936B (78.33%)3942B (78.45%)3922B (78.05%)
gzip1188B (23.64%)1184B (23.56%)1185B (23.58%)1182B (23.52%)
csszengarden-141.css2570B (67.99%)2582B (68.31%)2577B (68.17%)2552B (67.51%)
gzip1025B (27.12%)1021B (27.01%)1017B (26.90%)1006B (26.61%)
csszengarden-142.css3384B (71.88%)3389B (71.98%)3389B (71.98%)3378B (71.75%)
gzip1212B (25.74%)1212B (25.74%)1212B (25.74%)1210B (25.70%)
csszengarden-143.css3012B (65.36%)3009B (65.30%)3009B (65.30%)3005B (65.21%)
gzip1085B (23.55%)1090B (23.65%)1090B (23.65%)1082B (23.48%)
csszengarden-144.css2702B (62.50%)2704B (62.55%)2700B (62.46%)2696B (62.36%)
gzip1011B (23.39%)1011B (23.39%)1010B (23.36%)1009B (23.34%)
csszengarden-145.css3086B (64.12%)3083B (64.06%)3072B (63.83%)3067B (63.72%)
gzip1143B (23.75%)1133B (23.54%)1121B (23.29%)1127B (23.42%)
csszengarden-146.css3038B (69.63%)3040B (69.68%)3040B (69.68%)3022B (69.26%)
gzip1026B (23.52%)1017B (23.31%)1013B (23.22%)1013B (23.22%)
csszengarden-147.css4411B (77.77%)4430B (78.10%)4456B (78.56%)4397B (77.52%)
gzip1309B (23.08%)1308B (23.06%)1308B (23.06%)1301B (22.94%)
csszengarden-148.css5000B (52.75%)5040B (53.17%)5040B (53.17%)4998B (52.73%)
gzip1313B (13.85%)1316B (13.88%)1316B (13.88%)1307B (13.79%)
csszengarden-149.css3335B (63.52%)3344B (63.70%)3347B (63.75%)3335B (63.52%)
gzip1115B (21.24%)1107B (21.09%)1108B (21.10%)1109B (21.12%)
csszengarden-150.css4537B (69.65%)4541B (69.71%)4577B (70.26%)4513B (69.28%)
gzip1170B (17.96%)1174B (18.02%)1175B (18.04%)1166B (17.90%)
csszengarden-151.css3815B (74.48%)3829B (74.76%)3826B (74.70%)3815B (74.48%)
gzip1262B (24.64%)1265B (24.70%)1263B (24.66%)1259B (24.58%)
csszengarden-152.css3600B (73.69%)3600B (73.69%)3604B (73.78%)3600B (73.69%)
gzip1111B (22.74%)1102B (22.56%)1103B (22.58%)1102B (22.56%)
csszengarden-153.css3615B (73.94%)3625B (74.15%)3625B (74.15%)3612B (73.88%)
gzip1234B (25.24%)1240B (25.36%)1240B (25.36%)1226B (25.08%)
csszengarden-154.css4416B (77.35%)4435B (77.68%)4461B (78.14%)4402B (77.11%)
gzip1322B (23.16%)1315B (23.03%)1316B (23.05%)1311B (22.96%)
csszengarden-155.css2306B (62.66%)2308B (62.72%)2314B (62.88%)2297B (62.42%)
gzip870B (23.64%)863B (23.45%)864B (23.48%)861B (23.40%)
csszengarden-156.css3456B (71.43%)3458B (71.48%)3458B (71.48%)3452B (71.35%)
gzip1269B (26.23%)1267B (26.19%)1267B (26.19%)1265B (26.15%)
csszengarden-157.css2568B (65.93%)1,62582B (66.29%)2582B (66.29%)2571B (66.01%)
gzip852B (21.87%)845B (21.69%)845B (21.69%)844B (21.67%)
csszengarden-158.css2766B (65.11%)2789B (65.65%)2789B (65.65%)2765B (65.09%)
gzip1097B (25.82%)1101B (25.92%)1101B (25.92%)1089B (25.64%)
csszengarden-159.css3283B (60.45%)3280B (60.39%)3283B (60.45%)3258B (59.99%)
gzip1147B (21.12%)1138B (20.95%)1135B (20.90%)1127B (20.75%)
csszengarden-160.css3912B (80.78%)3914B (80.82%)3914B (80.82%)3909B (80.71%)
gzip1191B (24.59%)1188B (24.53%)1188B (24.53%)1190B (24.57%)
csszengarden-161.css2555B (59.60%)2551B (59.51%)2551B (59.51%)2538B (59.20%)
gzip1112B (25.94%)1114B (25.99%)1114B (25.99%)1112B (25.94%)
csszengarden-162.css4886B (65.67%)4890B (65.73%)4888B (65.70%)4839B (65.04%)
gzip1456B (19.57%)1460B (19.62%)1461B (19.64%)1454B (19.54%)
csszengarden-163.css4237B (70.22%)4243B (70.32%)4246B (70.37%)4231B (70.12%)
gzip1140B (18.89%)1139B (18.88%)1139B (18.88%)1135B (18.81%)
csszengarden-164.css2127B (62.43%)2144B (62.93%)2144B (62.93%)2125B (62.37%)
gzip781B (22.92%)785B (23.04%)784B (23.01%)762B (22.37%)
csszengarden-165.css3000B (68.10%)3000B (68.10%)3015B (68.44%)2985B (67.76%)
gzip1118B (25.38%)1120B (25.43%)1122B (25.47%)1111B (25.22%)
csszengarden-166.css4592B (74.48%)4624B (75.00%)4624B (75.00%)4578B (74.26%)
gzip1382B (22.42%)1391B (22.56%)1391B (22.56%)1376B (22.32%)
csszengarden-167.css3538B (64.16%)3574B (64.82%)3646B (66.12%)3520B (63.84%)
gzip1093B (19.82%)1106B (20.06%)1118B (20.28%)1081B (19.60%)
csszengarden-168.css2386B (61.94%)2389B (62.02%)2389B (62.02%)2383B (61.86%)
gzip863B (22.40%)860B (22.33%)860B (22.33%)856B (22.22%)
csszengarden-169.css4593B (74.21%)4575B (73.92%)4584B (74.07%)4575B (73.92%)
gzip1347B (21.76%)1340B (21.65%)1340B (21.65%)1340B (21.65%)
csszengarden-170.css3385B (75.27%)3389B (75.36%)3391B (75.41%)3375B (75.05%)
gzip1232B (27.40%)1218B (27.08%)1214B (27.00%)1212B (26.95%)
csszengarden-171.css2975B (63.06%)2978B (63.12%)2976B (63.08%)2970B (62.95%)
gzip993B (21.05%)985B (20.88%)984B (20.86%)986B (20.90%)
csszengarden-172.css4886B (67.35%)4936B (68.04%)4945B (68.16%)4857B (66.95%)
gzip1291B (17.79%)1292B (17.81%)1295B (17.85%)1286B (17.73%)
csszengarden-173.css2995B (75.23%)3007B (75.53%)3007B (75.53%)2994B (75.21%)
gzip1027B (25.80%)1027B (25.80%)1023B (25.70%)1017B (25.55%)
csszengarden-174.css2987B (71.60%)13024B (72.48%)3024B (72.48%)2988B (71.62%)
gzip1015B (24.33%)1018B (24.40%)1004B (24.07%)1000B (23.97%)
csszengarden-175.css2737B (59.60%)2748B (59.84%)2751B (59.91%)2712B (59.06%)
gzip973B (21.19%)968B (21.08%)970B (21.12%)960B (20.91%)
csszengarden-176.css2383B (73.75%)2387B (73.88%)2390B (73.97%)2376B (73.54%)
gzip901B (27.89%)900B (27.86%)903B (27.95%)897B (27.76%)
csszengarden-177.css3830B (61.17%)103842B (61.36%)3662B (58.49%)93831B (61.19%)
gzip1191B (19.02%)1175B (18.77%)1121B (17.90%)1191B (19.02%)
csszengarden-178.css3105B (59.15%)3111B (59.27%)3117B (59.38%)3093B (58.93%)
gzip1108B (21.11%)1095B (20.86%)1097B (20.90%)1091B (20.78%)
csszengarden-179.css3588B (61.30%)3597B (61.46%)3597B (61.46%)3585B (61.25%)
gzip1111B (18.98%)1112B (19.00%)1112B (19.00%)1104B (18.86%)
csszengarden-180.css2873B (62.92%)2888B (63.25%)2894B (63.38%)2855B (62.53%)
gzip850B (18.62%)854B (18.70%)856B (18.75%)849B (18.59%)
csszengarden-181.css3155B (71.38%)3146B (71.18%)3146B (71.18%)3143B (71.11%)
gzip1050B (23.76%)1038B (23.48%)1033B (23.37%)1033B (23.37%)
csszengarden-182.css3010B (65.61%)3027B (65.98%)3027B (65.98%)3006B (65.52%)
gzip962B (20.97%)959B (20.90%)959B (20.90%)952B (20.75%)
csszengarden-184.css4140B (76.30%)4127B (76.06%)4127B (76.06%)4124B (76.00%)
gzip1426B (26.28%)1419B (26.15%)1419B (26.15%)1416B (26.10%)
csszengarden-185.css3335B (72.00%)3325B (71.78%)3320B (71.68%)3319B (71.65%)
gzip1066B (23.01%)1062B (22.93%)1060B (22.88%)1060B (22.88%)
csszengarden-186.css2749B (69.91%)12768B (70.40%)2786B (70.85%)2753B (70.02%)
gzip1010B (25.69%)1004B (25.53%)1009B (25.66%)998B (25.38%)
csszengarden-187.css3107B (54.63%)3138B (55.18%)3138B (55.18%)3100B (54.51%)
gzip1015B (17.85%)1010B (17.76%)1010B (17.76%)997B (17.53%)
csszengarden-188.css3630B (61.60%)3633B (61.65%)3632B (61.63%)3586B (60.85%)
gzip1230B (20.87%)1226B (20.80%)1225B (20.79%)1219B (20.69%)
csszengarden-189.css3692B (57.89%)3714B (58.23%)3717B (58.28%)3681B (57.71%)
gzip1250B (19.60%)1256B (19.69%)1257B (19.71%)1224B (19.19%)
csszengarden-190.css2588B (59.02%)2598B (59.25%)2604B (59.38%)2588B (59.02%)
gzip989B (22.55%)984B (22.44%)985B (22.46%)981B (22.37%)
csszengarden-191.css3926B (77.41%)3923B (77.35%)3926B (77.41%)3881B (76.52%)
gzip1273B (25.10%)1268B (25.00%)1271B (25.06%)1264B (24.92%)
csszengarden-192.css3218B (63.82%)3236B (64.18%)3246B (64.38%)3207B (63.61%)
gzip1090B (21.62%)1093B (21.68%)1091B (21.64%)1057B (20.96%)
csszengarden-193.css2450B (55.54%)12461B (55.79%)2465B (55.88%)2449B (55.52%)
gzip932B (21.13%)935B (21.20%)936B (21.22%)924B (20.95%)
csszengarden-194.css4183B (68.47%)4162B (68.13%)4162B (68.13%)4162B (68.13%)
gzip1298B (21.25%)1286B (21.05%)1286B (21.05%)1286B (21.05%)
csszengarden-195.css3592B (71.98%)3589B (71.92%)3592B (71.98%)3585B (71.84%)
gzip1125B (22.55%)1119B (22.42%)1121B (22.46%)1117B (22.38%)
csszengarden-196.css3552B (73.10%)3569B (73.45%)3578B (73.64%)3551B (73.08%)
gzip1244B (25.60%)1236B (25.44%)1239B (25.50%)1239B (25.50%)
csszengarden-197.css4511B (67.24%)14534B (67.58%)2884B (42.99%)114513B (67.27%)
gzip1312B (19.56%)1311B (19.54%)1039B (15.49%)1305B (19.45%)
csszengarden-198.css3215B (64.35%)3214B (64.33%)3211B (64.27%)3210B (64.25%)
gzip1064B (21.30%)1058B (21.18%)1058B (21.18%)1057B (21.16%)
csszengarden-199.css2947B (71.39%)2941B (71.25%)2987B (72.36%)2938B (71.17%)
gzip996B (24.13%)989B (23.96%)1000B (24.22%)987B (23.91%)
csszengarden-200.css3720B (73.97%)3714B (73.85%)3723B (74.03%)3707B (73.71%)
gzip1129B (22.45%)1136B (22.59%)1138B (22.63%)1125B (22.37%)
csszengarden-201.css3709B (64.48%)3723B (64.73%)3723B (64.73%)3683B (64.03%)
gzip1058B (18.39%)1063B (18.48%)1063B (18.48%)1052B (18.29%)
csszengarden-202.css4104B (72.14%)4116B (72.35%)4124B (72.49%)4073B (71.59%)
gzip1320B (23.20%)1323B (23.26%)1330B (23.38%)1312B (23.06%)
csszengarden-203.css2630B (69.63%)2643B (69.98%)2642B (69.95%)2627B (69.55%)
gzip1031B (27.30%)1042B (27.59%)1041B (27.56%)1029B (27.24%)
csszengarden-204.css4456B (40.14%)4480B (40.36%)4479B (40.35%)4454B (40.12%)
gzip1155B (10.40%)1149B (10.35%)1148B (10.34%)1142B (10.29%)
csszengarden-205.css2833B (69.99%)2840B (70.16%)2840B (70.16%)2832B (69.96%)
gzip1044B (25.79%)1040B (25.69%)1038B (25.64%)1031B (25.47%)
csszengarden-206.css3195B (69.99%)3190B (69.88%)3190B (69.88%)3186B (69.79%)
gzip972B (21.29%)972B (21.29%)970B (21.25%)969B (21.23%)
csszengarden-207.css2140B (70.03%)2149B (70.32%)2152B (70.42%)2135B (69.86%)
gzip831B (27.19%)833B (27.26%)834B (27.29%)829B (27.13%)
csszengarden-208.css3542B (73.71%)3553B (73.94%)3559B (74.07%)3536B (73.59%)
gzip1126B (23.43%)1133B (23.58%)1132B (23.56%)1121B (23.33%)
csszengarden-209.css4750B (66.30%)4765B (66.51%)4765B (66.51%)4746B (66.25%)
gzip1320B (18.43%)1323B (18.47%)1323B (18.47%)1315B (18.36%)
csszengarden-210.css4223B (63.98%)4236B (64.17%)4234B (64.14%)4219B (63.91%)
gzip1368B (20.72%)1375B (20.83%)1374B (20.82%)1364B (20.66%)
csszengarden-211.css3726B (71.92%)3725B (71.90%)3768B (72.73%)3705B (71.51%)
gzip1136B (21.93%)1137B (21.95%)1136B (21.93%)1136B (21.93%)
csszengarden-212.css4043B (69.03%)4043B (69.03%)4040B (68.98%)4003B (68.35%)
gzip1660B (28.34%)1660B (28.34%)1650B (28.17%)1644B (28.07%)
csszengarden-213.css5837B (75.80%)5827B (75.67%)5879B (76.34%)5822B (75.60%)
gzip1482B (19.24%)1476B (19.17%)1506B (19.56%)1476B (19.17%)
File No.Icey RobsoncssminjsAjaxMin 4.0CSSCompression 3.0 Safe
Averages3725.87B (65.77%)3739.94B (66.02%)3732.88B (65.89%)3713.20B (65.55%)
gzip1161.54B (20.50%)1162.18B (20.51%)1160.16B (20.48%)1153.91B (20.37%)


Latest: compressor-comparisons.tar.gz
Released: January 3, 2011
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