5 Important Tools for Web Developers

April 11, 2009
Tags: list, tools

Every technical blog out there has "top 50 tools for developers" or "Essiental 25 tools for developrs" and must have's. And those are nice to look through and see what other people have created, but a lot of it is just a bunch of junk. So instead of telling you what you should be using, I'll give you the list of tools I use everyday while managing sites.

1. Firebug
Firebug is the single most useful plugin that Firefox has. With it, you can edit CSS/HTML within the browser, monitor network activity, debug and execute javascript on the fly. It's probably the most useful plugin that any browser could have, and is the reason I do all my initial debugging work in firefox.
2. Web Developer
This is a really nifty plugin for firefox that allows you to manipulate everything from cookies to forms and DOM objects. You can disable certain portions of your site to see how the rest of would flow, and it comes with a css/js validator.
3. Javascript CompressorRater
It's important to not only have clean javascript code, but also to have it as condensed as possible for faster page loads. With this rater, you can see which compression algorithm works best with your js file.
4. CSS Compressor
If your going to compress your javascript, why not do your CSS files while your at it? It's only a click away, and will go a long way with your users as they try and download your 5+ CSS templates.
5. Browser Shots
This one is at the bottom of the check-off list just to double check that everything is cross-browser compatible. Yes your site needs to be on the open web before you can use this, but that's why you check it across all the browsers at your disposal before release, and then run through this site for final safety checks.
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